The VoIP & Alarm Solution 
Most alarm companies solve the VoIP problem by adding a cellular transmitter enabling the alarm panel to transmit its signal through a cellular carrier.

This solution works well.  The drawback is the cost of the cellular transmitter (upwards of $200 or more), additional monthly cellular fees and a contract.

A More Economical Solution

Instead of using a cellular transmitter, Aegis Technology can install a Broadband Alarm Transmitter (BAT) to your alarm panel allowing your alarm system to communicate via the internet.  At $95, it's much more price friendly than cellular, and our monitoring service is only $19.95 a month (nationwide) and NO CONTRACT.
You switched your phone lines to VoIP to save money, only to learn afterwards that it's incompatible with your alarm system communications. Now you have to spend more money on additional equipment, pay more in monitoring fees and extend your contract to fix it.
Aegis Technology Offers a Better Solution
Additional Benefits
No Phone Line Required
Whether you have a VoIP phone service or no phone line at all, the BAT will enable your alarm system to communicate to the central monitoring station through your internet connection.

Most Economical Solution
​The Broadband Alarm Transmitter, offered by Aegis Technology, is the most economical solution in resolving the VoIP and alarm transmission problem on several levels:

*  Equipment Cost. The $95 price tag of the BAT is less than half of the standard $300 (or more) cost of a cellular transmitter.
*  Monthly monitoring with Aegis Technology is only $19.95 a month - no contract.

Smart Phone Apps
​A free app available for iPhone and Android phones/pads allows you to arm/disarm your alarm system remotely, access alarm history (including arm & disarm logs), receive immediate text notifications of alarm events and control home automation devices.  (Scenario #1)

Secure, Private Security Web Page and Virtual Keypad
​In addition to the smart-phone app, you will also get a free, secure web page. With this page you can access/print detailed event logs, arm or disarm your alarm system and even go into user programming to add or delete user codes.  (Scenario #2)

Home Automation Integration
​With the wireless BAT, you have an added benefit of adding home automation to your system without any additional monthly service fees.  You can:
*  Control your thermostat (an add-on that pays for itself with reduced energy costs).
*  Turn interior and exterior lights on and off.
*  Open/close garage doors.
*  And more!
(Scenario #3)

The Broadband Alarm Transmitter is a simple 'plug & play' circuit board added to your alarm panel enabling your security system to communicate via the internet.
Limited Time Offer
Three - A Very Special Delivery
Tom runs a business from his home and was expecting a critically important package to be delivered.  Not only was it time-sensitive to the project he was working on, it was also expensive. 

Due to the nature of his business, Tom knew he could be called out and not be there when the package was delivered, and didn't want it to be left on the front porch.  So, Tom took the precaution of contacting the delivery company and gave instructions that if no one answered the door to call him on his cell phone.

As it turned out, that was a wise precaution because Tom was not home when the package arrived.  The delivery man called him as instructed and Tom said, "Give me just a moment."  In just a few 
seconds, he opened the BAT app on his phone and opened the garage door. "If you don't mind, please put the package in the garage," Tom requested.
"Wow, how did you do that?"
Tom smiled and responded, "Aegis Technology."  Specials.
Two - Situational Awareness & Control
William now has two store locations and with the BAT installed at both, he knows when his managers arrive (disarm text message) and when they lock-up (arm text message). With an Aegis camera surveillance system, he's also able to see and listen-in to either store remotely on his computer or phone.  Specials.  

One evening he got a phone call from Sara, one of his new employees. She was a little frantic when she explained that the manager had an unpleasant argument with a customer.  After the customer had left, the manager threw her the keys and said, "I've had it," and left without saying another word.  William digested this for a minute and then asked her if she was comfortable enough to run the store by herself, or if she would rather close the store and lock up.  Sara was honest and told him she wasn't comfortable being by herself.  He understood and explained the procedures of closing the store and asked her for a 4-digit number she could easily remember.

While Sara was closing down the the store, William opened his security page on his computer and brought up the remote keypad.  He went into user programming added Sara and her 4-digit PIN number and deleted the manager's PIN.  After changing the user codes, William called Sara and told her how to arm the alarm system with the 4-digit number she gave him.  He also thanked her for calling him right away about the problem.  He also asked her if she was interested in the company's manager training program, since there was a new opening.
One - Latchkey Children

To help with the family budget, mom takes on a part-time job, and now and then her hours extend past the time John and Mary get home from school. As moms do, she leaves strict instructions for them: Come straight home from school, no friends over when she's not home and homework must be finished before watching TV or playing video games. Mom also knows that they're following her rules because she gets an immediate text message when they disarm the alarm system, and she can look in on them with an Aegis pan/tilt camera.  Specials.