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Being a local, independent company, Aegis Technology has only one allegiance - its customers. And being a small company, we know our customers by name, not an account number. Our motto is: "Courteous, Honest and Fair - That's How We Do Business."

Home security is the company's anchor and it's an area taken very seriously at Aegis Technology. Protecting one'stuff is important, but it's those who live in the home that are most important. That is why the products we use may cost a little more, but they have proven reliability. It is out of respect for our customers that we do this, even though our profits may be lower than our competitors who choose to use cheaper products.

Aegis takes the same approach to commercial security. From small store fronts, office/warehouse to industrial complexes, the proper protection of a company's assets and employees is the foremost priority. To that end, conducting a thorough site survey and listening carefully to the business owner is the first step Aegis takes in designing a security system that meets the unique needs and requirements of each business.

Security cameras are another specialty of Aegis Technology, and we now offer CCTV products directly from the manufacturer In a nutshell, this means big savings to our customers. Aegis is also very selective in the quality of the DVRs and cameras it sells.  All are professional grade with a 3-year warranty.

Camera security should be a consideration as part of your overall security system, and Aegis has made camera surveillance systems affordable, even in today's economy. Please take a look at our product line of DVRs and security cameras on our "Products" page and decide for yourself. Also check-out our "Specials."

Celebrating 13 Years of Service in Atlanta

Courteous, Honest and Fair
That's How We Do Business